Wood Floor Refinishing

Universal Flooring Solutions specializes in wood sanding, installation, repairs, and staining. Installation is made quick and easy with our team of wood flooring experts. We use the latest installation tools and techniques to finish the job efficiently. Universal Flooring Solutions offer a wide variety of wood board types and styles to complete your residential or commercial renovation. Our floor services enhance and provide a fresh new look to any interior, and we only use environmentally safe sealers and finishes.

We sand, seal and refinish hardwood floors that are worn or have nicks, scratches, and gouges on them. for floors that are just dull with little or no scratches we expertly buff and re-coat them. We restore all types of wood floors including pine, oak, mahogany, Brazilian cherry, and ash; as well laminate wood floors. We can repair damaged boards, or give your floor a total makeover by staining the wood a color of your choice. We use a dust containment system for sanding, which means no mess on your walls, ceilings, or in your ventilation system.

Innovative Methods Custom Solutions

We provide custom solutions to meet your direct flooring needs. There is no singular approach. We will make recommendations and create a plan that works within your budget. After the consultation process, based on your input, we will provide our suggestion on the overall look, feel, and type of system that is to be delivered.

Our services will add value and enhance the appearance of your home or facility. We perform floor covering & installation services, as well as floor cleaning & restoration on any type of floor.


Universal Flooring Solutions